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What price the pursuit of success?

The comforting thing about wanting to become a writer is it’s one of the few occupations you can take up today, affords promise of supplementing your income in these times of economic downturn, and yet costs nothing to try. Given you own a pen and can lay your hands on a scribbling pad - the dressing gown is optional - then you’re already equipped with the author’s basic start-up kit. Should you feel extravagant you might treat yourself to a dictionary and a thesaurus. The publishing world has become your oyster.


Only when, or indeed if, you suspect you possess the qualities needed to grasp the literary pearl within, will you be called upon to make any financial commitment. Some publishers and agents do accept E-mailed submissions but others still won't. In such cases you’ll need to be able to print on not-too-heavy A4 paper - 80 gram weight is fine - while, either way, you’ll have to buy that dictionary and thesaurus if you didn’t first time round because, without them, you can’t possibly claim to be a proper author … and it’s unlikely you’ll ever become one, either.


At that stage, now your MS - even that previously rejected one - has become a reality, you might also ask yourself if a professional over-view could enhance the prospect of seeing your work in print … or at least help you avoid making the sort of mistakes that guarantee you never will. And why not? Seriously keen amateur musicians pay for lessons: so do skaters and artists, home dressmakers and golfers.


But even then, satisfying yourself that your brain-child can be afforded that extra edge shouldn't need to cost you more than you'd spend to have your car serviced by a main dealer, feed your cat for a year or have half a room painted in your house. And that would be a very small price to pay for something which could change your whole life for the better.


Should you decide to take that step, Brian Callison offers what is arguably the most cost-effective way to move forward - with your writing, that is: not your golf. His FREE initial appraisal policy is explained fully within this website, and his Fee Scales summarized here.

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