Fees summary

To make clear the costs you will invite, payable prior to the return of your amended work:

Brian Callison's initial brief assessment of the potential marketability of your work, will be FREE. He'll make no charge for reporting back with his - albeit very personal, and certainly not definitive - view. Nor will you have made any committment at that stage.

Subsequently, should you mutually agree to proceed:

For Close Editing the first 10,000 words of your manuscript, including revising or rewriting any weaker elements capable of being improved, by means of electronic replacement which you'll have the option to accept or reject, supported by telephone discussion and mentoring:     £195.00 

Add, for each additional 10,000-word segment:    £138.00
The final segment, when consisting of less than 10,000 words, to be charged on a pro-rata basis of £13.80 per 1,000

For Proof-reading your finished work before you finally submit it to the market - meaning only correcting spelling, punctuation or apparent grammatical errors (This service already included in the Close Editing fee):    £7.95 per 1,000 words up to 30,000, and £6.95 per 1,000 thereafter.

Reduced Student Rate for Proof-reading academic papers exceeding 3,000 words in length:     £7.00 per 1,000 words.