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 Brian Callison's New Author Support  Line

 The internationally-acclaimed author of over twenty best-selling novels, Callison's works have been translated into twelve languages and published in more than thirty countries. A Royal Literary Fund Fellow as well as a veteran of the writing trade, Brian now offers a unique opportunity to a limited number of first-time writers for him to personally: 

 Ensure that your current work presents with maximum impact before inviting failure on submission

 or, if you've already met with disappointment: 

Edit and, where beneficial, help you rewrite elements of your previously rejected manuscript ... but only if it can then become a potentially marketable book




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Interested in learning more?

Then first, focus on what you seek from writing but, while you browse, keep asking yourself: 'Am I really sure I have the stuff it takes to become a best-selling author ...?'

Before launching into the pursuit of literary recognition: before spending a single penny on ... Read more

About Brian Callison

A former Fellow of The Royal Literary Fund, he has a track-record in tutoring as well as writing, and submits a portfolio comprising some two million published words as evidence ... Read more

What Callison will, will not, and cannot do for you

He will help you to become a more confident; more able; more technically-competent writer ... Read more

Flexible mentoring. What price success?

The comforting thing about wanting to become a writer is it's one of the few occupations you can begin today, and costs nothing to try. It's only when you ... Read more

Brian Callison, a quick insight

PLR statistics reveal Callison to rank among the most frequently borrowed names on UK library shelves. On publication of his now-classic A Flock Of Ships, Alistair McLean wrote,

'The best war story I have ever read. No qualifications, no reservations, no exceptions as to type and time: it's the best. Makes All Quiet On The Western Front look like one of the lesser works of Enid Blyton'.

Reviews of his other works include, from The Wall Street Journal:

'No mistake; Mr Callison can grip you with a masterly touch. Conrad might have liked a lot of this book'.

'Tempestuously exciting', Times Literary Supplement, and,

'A story that has just about everything, logged by Mr Callison with a beautiful sense of timing that will keep his readers hanging on to the bitter end'. New York Times.

More reviews

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